Veteran Culture at Harris Health System

At Harris Health System we value the leadership, integrity, and commitment to excellence that you demonstrate having served in the military. We are an organization that takes pride in serving our community to the best of our ability. As a military veteran, your familiarity with challenging conditions, high-performance teamwork, and a strong desire to serve will allow for a natural transition into civilian life and a career at Harris Health System. We recognize and appreciate the strengths military veterans often display and welcome you to explore what makes Harris Health System a perfect fit for your civilian career.

Join Our Ranks

We understand that the transition from life in the military to civilian life can present a number of obstacles and challenges. While there are a number of aspects that will play a part in establishing yourself in your community, none may be more essential than your career. The culture at Harris Health System in many ways aligns with military culture, making our organization a natural fit for military veterans. Our commitment to serving our community is kindred to the unwavering commitment to serving our country exhibited by members of the military. You will find that the environment at Harris Health will allow you to put the skills and values you gained in the military to use and grow as a professional. We welcome you to explore all that Harris Health has to offer to you as a veteran of the armed forces.

  • Communication amongst my peers at Harris Health System is very similar to how it was in the military. At Harris Health the teamwork environment and the way we identify the acuity of patients and get them to the correct places to treat them is very similar. Josh, Army- Combat Medic
  • As a sailor I did other things besides my assigned job and I was very used to performing other duties. At Harris Health I find myself in a similar situation where my peers as well as myself are all willing to perform duties outside of the scope of our jobs. Kevin, Navy
  • I feel as though there is a strong bond and sense of camaraderie amongst the military veterans at Harris Health and that support system is very helpful in transitioning from military to civilian life. Juan, USMC- E-3, 0121 Personnel Clerk
  • When I went through orientation I was impressed with the organization's strong values and how they were in line with the what I learned to live by during my time in the Air Force...Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do. Lourie, Air Force- Chief Nurse Executive
  • When I came to Harris Health System, I quickly noticed the great sense of family, dedication to a common goal and brotherhood amongst team members. Coming from one service oriented organization to another made for an easy transition from my military to civilian career. David, Army- Chief 1 Officer